May 1, 2009

EDGE Transport Server 2010

In the previous article we covered a typical installation of exchange .

Today we will cover Edge server installation and will show you how to configure the exchange organization to send and receive from the internet.

Exchange 2010 Edge prerequisites:

To install the Windows Server 2008 operating system prerequisites for Edge Transport servers
1. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.
2. Install Windows Remote Management ( WinRM ) 2.0 Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP3).
3. Install Windows PowerShell V2 CTP3.
4. Install the update for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) in Windows Server 2008. See Microsoft Knowledge Base article 951725 An update that extends the mechanism for displaying snap-in context Help topics is available for the MMC in Windows Server 2008.
5. Install Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS), which was previously known as Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM), by running the following command:

ServerManagerCmd -i ADLDS

    To know how to install the prerequisites watch this vedio.

    Configuring the DNS Suffix for EDGE server:

    Before you install the Edge Transport server role, you must configure a DNS suffix for the server name other wise the installation will fail.

    See how to do this in this vedio.

    Installation :

    Before starting the installation you need to add static entry in the hosts file of the edge server for the hub servers FQDN name so it can contact them (the hosts file is stored in the \%Systemroot%\System32\Drivers\Etc folder)also it's recommended to add a static A record for Edge server in the internal DNS.

    Also make sure if you have fire wall to open the ports 25/TCP,50636/TCP from internal network to the EDGE and the port 25 from the EDGE to the internet.

    After installing the prerequisites and making sure the servers can connect to each others you are ready for the installation.

    see the installation step by step in this video .


    The main EDGE server configuration is the EDGE subscription process which associates the Edge to the Exchange organization and enable it to communicate with the internal network to get the configuration and recipients data.

    After the Edge subscription done ,the EdgeSync service which runs on the HUB server replicates recipient and configuration data from Active Directory to the Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service instance on the Edge Server.

    See the how you can do this process in details in this vedio.

    Now you just need MX record pointing to your EDGE and SPF,PTR record and you are ready to go.

    See you in the next article.

    Alaa Elmahdy


    AH said...

    i will never know how many hours you've saved me.
    many thanks.

    mhmdwahab said...

    السلام عليكم

    استاذ علاء بشكرك كثيرا على مجهودك الكبير معنا
    وكان ودى ان احضر معك كورس exchange و ان كان فى update to windows server 2008
    شكرا و دمتم بكل خير
    محمد عبد الوهاب

    Anonymous said...

    will this configuration also apply to a 3-legged DMZ?

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    MX record need to changed internally as well as externally

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